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Toubkal, Atlas Mountains

Toubkal is a mountain peak in south west region of Morocco. Located at an altitude of over 13,600 ft., it is the hight point in the Atlas Mountains. Located not too far south of Marrakech, Toubkal is just past the road's end village of Imlil. Aroumd is one of the first villages along the route. Sidi Chamharouch is a tiny settlement after Aroumd. This area has grown around a Muslim shrine. Following Sidi Chamharouch, the route passes over a stream and runs sharply uphill to the right of the Isougouane valley. There are two stone refuges here which is used as a base camp. There are good meals to be had here. Some travelers pitch tents here for a small fee.

From this point, the road climbs steeply to the summit ridge of Jebel Toubkal. Some hikers would go off from this area for a steep hike to catch breathtaking views of the Atlas Mountains. If you plan to do so, make sure to have sturdy boots, warm clothing, and trekking poles. If snow and ice is present, Crampons are necessary to help ascend. This area of the mountain can be scaled in 2 days. The Marrakech tourist offices or Imlil will be able to provide you with the current state of the hiking routes.