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Camel Trekking & Excursions

Morocco offers a wide range of activities for adventure seekers to enjoy. Additional excursions can be added to your tour package to further maximize your time and experience in Morocco. Below are some of the more popular options many of our previous clients have enjoyed. Let us know if you are interested and we'll make it happen for you. If you have something in mind and do not see it here, let us know! Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Camel Trekking through the Desert

A visit to see the sand dunes of the desert is an experience everyone should have at least once in their lifetime. Pick the camel of your choice and trek through the desert with the clear blue sky above and soft sand below you. The natural color contrast of the scene is one not rivaled by many. You can catch the spectacular sunset fading into the horizon followed by the appearance of an evening sky full of stars. Here you will find peace. We can feast, dance the night away, and sleep at desert camps. Memories of this experience will last you forever!

Desert ATV

Explore the vast desert on a desert ATV tour! Scale sand dunes, drive through palm groves, dry deserts, and authentic Berber towns. ATV excrusions can last 2 to 3 hours, or half a day. Merzouga and the 2 Ergs of Morocco has much to offer, so leave your trail behind!

Yoga Retreat

With warm weather, amazing food, and stunning scenary, Morocco makes an excellent place for a relaxing Yoga retreat. The beautiful seaside town of Essaouira is one of the popular locations for Yoga retreats. There is a good balance of golden sand along beaches paired with blue and white all around. Between yoga sessions, you'll be able to take a trip to the desert, enjoy spas and hammams, roam around the medinas, and taste delicious food. If you're looking to unwind physically and mentally, consider adding a yoga retreat to your traveling agenda.

Hot Air Balloon

Enjoy a brilliant experience with a hot air balloon tour! Hot air balloon tours are one of the most sought after ways to catch great views of the landscape. As you majestically ascend into the air, you'll find peace and tranquility, hearing only the occasional burner. Explore the terrain with views of the high Atlas mountains, Berber villages, and more. With some luck, you may even have the opportunity to have a hands on experience and navigate the balloon yourself! Each balloon can accommodate up to 8 persons (operator included).

Moroccan Spa/Hammam

Spas in Morocco are as elegant as they come. Pamper yourself in a peaceful surrounding where top quality service is the bare minimum. Hammams are steam rooms, which are similar to Turkish bathhouses. Moroccans typically visit them habitually on a weekly basis to cleanse themselves. They would go with friends or family and spend hours there catching up on gossip and bathing till their skin glows. Being bathe by another person of the same gender is a norm. It is an important part of their culture. Common materials used include clay, black soap, and exfoliation gloves. The experience may be feel foreign at first, but will end in bliss!

Hiking the Atlas

Morocco gives you the opportunity to hike the 2 highest peaks in all of Africa. During the winter, you can even ski your way down! Whether you are interested in hiking for a single day or multi day with with tents, mules, and guides, all of that can be be arranged! You'll get to spend some good quality time with the local Berber people and each other. The top of the Atlas mountains offers breathtaking views of Morocco. 

Cooking Class

Morocco has exotic Mediterranean cuisine considered to the one of the best in the world. Marrakech of Morocco was named the culinary destination of the year in 2009. Learn how to make couscous, chicken tagine, and more! Master the art of cumin! Whether it is just you or with a few of your friends, a cooking class adds a good time to your trip, especially towards the end of the class when your meal is finally prepared.


Sandboarding increased in popularity over recent years. To avid snowboarders and skiers, sandboarding may seem like a piece of cake. Despite soft and warm sand, sandboarding involves hiking steep dunes and zooming down as speeds of up to 50 mph! Sandboarding excursions are often paired with camel trekking, star gazing, and camping the desert dunes near Merzouga

Shopping and Day Tours

If you already have your travel plans in Morocco figured out and are just looking for a guide service to take you around a certain area of town for a day, we can accommodate that. Whether you're looking to go wander the souks of Marrakech, or the medina of Rabat, or the coastline of Tangier, or anywhere else, our guides will be able to accompany you by foot or car, and provide you with enough information to make you feel like you're at home here in Morocco.