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Asilah or Arzila is a fortified town 31 km from Tangier, on the northwest tip of the Atlantic coast of Morocco, The town has ramparts and gateworks that are fully intact, and is decorated with lovely cobbled streets, courtyards, carved doors, little shops, and no  traffic. Along the ramparts is one of the best spots to catch the sunset. The Portuguese built the ramparts more than 500 years ago. It has been restored many times since. The medina is situated on some high cliffs above the ocean. Asilah's medina is clean, well-kept and wonderful to walk around. You can enter via one of the two main gates - Bab el-Kasaba and the Bab el-Homar.

About a ten minute walk from the Medina is the "new town", where you'll find banks, ATM machines, restaurants, taxis, bus stations, and more modern architecture. Asilah is small enough to reach all the attractions by foot. Tthe best beaches to the north and south of town however, will require a short taxi ride if you wish to check out. The Paridise beach is the best beach near Asilah, just 3km (1.5 miles) south of town. Another good beach is north of the medina, where the further you walk the better the beach.

Asilah is known as an artist town, and attracts a creative audience. It hosts annual music and arts festivals, including a mural-painting event. The best paintings remain on the Medina walls for the following years. For many years, artists have left their colorful marks on walls in and around the medina. These wall paintings are sometimes commissioned, and always celebrated every July/August during the annual Asilah Cultural Festival. Close to schools in the medina are walls that are particularly lovely and whimsical.

Shopping the bazaars in Asilah can find you good value once you have polished your bargaining skills. They are much more laid back than what you would find in Tangier. So if you had something in mind, or would like to get something custom made, Asilah is a good place to do it.