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Along the eastern coastline is Rabat, located at the mouth of the Bou Regreg river. Problems with silt has deminished Rabat's use as a port. Main trades in this city include textile, food processing, and construction. Rabat is also an administrative city.  There aren't many shopping locations, however there are many residential neighborhoods. The center of the city includes the Medina, the Oudayas, and Hassan. 

To the west, along the waterfront are the ramparts. Diour Jamaa; Akkari; Yacoub El Mansour; Massira and Hay el Fath are the main neighborhoods.

In the east, there is Mabella; Taqaddoum; Hay Nahda; Aviation; and Rommani, all inhabited by the middle class. 

Between the Atlantic ocean and the Bouregreg Valley, there is a spectacular river marina paved with historical sites including the Hassan Tower, and the Chella necropolis. With over 240 boats, the Bouregreg Marina is a popular destination for recreational boaters.