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Do I need to apply for a visa to enter Morocco?

Most travellers do not need a visa to enter Morocco. Learn more about visa information with the Moroccan Consulate.

Do I need vaccination shots to enter Morocco?

No vaccination shots are required to visit Morocco. However, if you are planning to visit other countries along the way, make sure you have proof of any vaccination requirements for those countries. Visit the World Health Organization  or the CDC for additional details on traveling vaccinations.

What currency is used in Morocco?

The official currency used in Morocco is the Moroccan Dirham (MAD). See the latest conversion rates at www.XE.com. Please note exact conversion rates are subject to change contingent on you travel date. 

How much to tip in Morocco?

Tipping between 5% to 15% at restaurants is normal. It is also normal to tip taxi drivers and local guides (very often children), who will help you navigate through specific areas of a town you wish to visit. 

What to expect when purchasing products at the souks?

Bargaining is a part of the culture in Morocco. Approach with a friendly demeanor and feel free to say "no thanks" if the deal doesn't interest you.

Will I have internet access in Morocco?

Internet cafes are widely popular in Morocco. Access is also present at many hotels and riads. Sometimes the internet access may be spotty.

What electrical outlets are used in Morocco?

Morocco voltage is 220V, 50 Hz with 2 pin round plugs

Where is my hotel hot water?

No worries, regardless of hotel class, you may find that sometimes it takes a short while for the water to warm up after you have turned it on.

How to dress for Morocco?

The weather is typically warm and comfortable year-round. Bear in mind that it is respectful of the local culture to dress on the more conservative side. The sun is also deceptively strong, so it is recommended to use sun-block. It would also be beneficial to carry with you plenty of water. Bottled water is very cheap in Morocco.

What is a Kasbah?

Kasbahs are fortified structures composed of mud and straw. They are typically inhabited by wealthy extended families.