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Midelt, located in central Morocco, is nestled between the Middle Atlas and High Atlas mountains. Midelt is siuated on the main road between Fes and Meknes. With around 45,000 inhabitants, this city is one of the highest elevated towns in Morocco, sitting at over 4,900 ft.. 

Midelt serves as the market for an agricultural area for its surrounding regions. It is a region know for apples, walnuts, plums, apricots, pomegranantes, wheat, corn, and various garden vegetables. Nomads and farmers from the local area also raise sheeps and goats for their wool. 

Mines near Midelt are harvested for their lead, gypsum, and several other minerals. 

Many Europeans stop by this town for its climate and several small hotels. Local handcrafts including Nomadic style carpets and blankets are also desirable from this area.